FYI our facebook account was hacked and disabled

Wanted to let you know so you can stay in touch with us

Determined to Keep Going, Even When Times Get Hard.

I made this video a few months ago, our little steam engine was going smoothly.

Then like much of life, a little change came with a big impact, my personal Facebook account was hacked then Facebook disabled my personal and Brady Events page.  Yikes!

There is a swirl of emotions and thoughts that fly through your head when it actually happens to your business.  Including "Why Me?"  And then the idea follows "Why Not Me!"  It could be me, you or anyone -- poof your social media platform is gone!

It made me realize many things, including how I heavily relied on Facebook for my personal and professional communications and contacts.  One the reason why it is a great platform!  Superintelligence connects lost friends from across the world combined with photos and videos of loved ones alive and deceased that warm our hearts.

It also made me realize something else; the young elements of marketing were being neglected.  Including building our brand with equal focus was neglected.  Prospective over 38,000 fans on Facebook and 110 on Youtube.

You see the contrast?

Obviously, we loved facebook.  And we thought facebook loved us too.  But one day it changed without warning.  Like a lover changing in the blink of an eye and booting you from the warm snuggling bed to the front door, unclothed with garments left indoors followed by a slammed door and silence.

Insert Paul singing "Someone knocking on the door, somebody ringing the bell." Yeah but when it is Facebook, there is one doorbell, send us your photo id and wait patiently at the door.

Although I try to paint it in a humorous tone, there are trial and tribulations that can come with it.  However, I believe things will always work out for the better good, including this. We are grateful for the 12 years of service we have been able to provide our community. So as we map out our rerouted map, we hope you continue to follow and support our voice.  We just want to share insight to help inspire others with wisdom for their business (Brady Events) and personal life (Cup of Kudos.)

We have some exciting events and marketing activities getting ready to launch.  Including our recent launch of Cup of Kudos magazine 4.4 Mind Body Soul.  Make sure you grab your copy at one of over 100 drop locations

Later this year, Hurley Ball will be a big focus on our radar.  Every year Hurley Medical Center received funds from Hurley Foundation's Presidents Ball.  This year event proceeds benefit Hurley's Pediatric and Geriatric Unit.

We are focused and determined to continue to bring good news to our community.  For now please look for regular updates here on our blog.  Currently, the Cup of Kudos facebook page is still up and running.

I find it ironic my last video shared the idea of focusing on the goal and not the obstacles.  Check out the video

As we go through this temporary change, we are learning and choosing to stay in the positive and be aware of the lessons to learn.  Some lessons are not always fun but can be a path to great awareness.

Keep sending us good vibes as we search for a way to reach our online community.  For now, you can find us here and on our page

Thanks again for being a part of our journey and for your support.

We are beyond grateful for our real-life community and our online community.

MAKE THE MOST OF EACH DAY! Good can be found even during difficult days.



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